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Book Marketing Up Close and Personal

Marketing Your Book One Person at a Time

As I was preparing for tomorrow’s The Writing Biz show on book marketing basics, I had some thoughts that I would like to share with you.

On The Writing Biz, we often remind you that you should concentrate on building a platform BEFORE you publish your book, and that is true. But I do think that sometimes I forget about an important piece of that platform, personal face-to-face relationships. There is no better way to connect than to look someone in the eye as you exchange ideas. I find that it helps if coffee is involved.

Here are a few ways that you can connect with real live people who would love to buy your book:

Local Book Signings

Local book signings and readings are not only fun but a wonderful way to meet like-minded people. You should schedule signings and readings when you release your book but you should also attend other authors’ events. A little mutual support can go a long way.

Get out and speak.

We all want to land a great PAYING speaking gig but don’t forget about the power of free appearances. Can your book help small businesses? Offer to speak at your local Chamber of Commerce or other business organization. Is your book for young children? You could offer to visit schools or youth groups to read to classes. This also gives you a wonderful opportunity to practice speaking so that you can get those sweet speaking fees.

Join Groups, Associations and Organizations.

The people you meet at book fairs, conventions, meetings and conferences will open you up to new ideas, valuable networking opportunities and real friendships.

Watch the Writing Biz Podcasts on Book 3-Part series on Book Marketing

Part 1: Book Marketing: The Basics with Shawn Manaher and Rivka Kawano

My two terrific guests who have offered to share their experiences and knowledge. Shawn Manaher of Book Marketing Tools is a well known face in the writing community. He is the host of the Author Hangout a terrific must-see videocast and podcast. We also have Rivka Kawano back as a returning guest. Rivka speaks all over the nation, sharing her book marketing magic. She is the owner of Author Sensei where she helps writers market and build their business.


Part 2: Book Marketing on Your Own Turf with Charlotte Pierce and Rochelle Carter

Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press and Rochelle Carter and they will share with us the many ways that you can market your book offline. Book marketing offline gives you a chance to grow as a writer and build your business. Meeting face to face with your audience is a rich and powerful experience.

Part 3: Special Book Marketing Avenues with Charlotte Pierce

Charlotte Pierce of Pierce Press discusses special book marketing avenues and how you can use them to increase sales and broaden your reach.
About Charlotte:
Charlotte Pierce views her Pierce Press authors as collaborators and partners. Her company, Pierce Press publishes print and electronic books under three imprints: DayTripper Books (travel & family), GiggleQuick Books (children’s), and Peeragogy Books (alternative education). Pierce Press also performs publishing coaching, marketing, and video production services for nonprofits, small businesses, and individuals.

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